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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BGTG 101 SR & Feedback (Dog, Keltis Way of the Stone, Sorry Sliders)

First show of the new year, and it's another session report & feedback episode. Though I originally just picked three games I played recently & wanted to discuss, as I prepped for the show I found a number of related points between them. That's why I mentioned this could also be called "The Crossover Show." Maybe I should ask Shannon Appelcline to produce one of his snazzy relationship diagrams like he's done for designer ludographies and other relationships he's mapped. :-)

Dog has a Canadian heritage, along with handmade boards displaying real craftsmanship . . . like Crokinole . . . which is like Sorry Sliders in its gameplay . . . even though its in the franchise family of traditional Sorry . . . much like Keltis: Way of the Stone is in the new Keltis franchise family . . . though there's still some connection to Sorry . . . which is itself a "circles & cross" traditional boardgame form, like Dog . . . but Dog is a partnership game, like Crokinole . . . and both Crokinole and Sorry Sliders depend on some quality production and design so that their physical play can really soar.

Once Knizia comes out with the physical flicking game of Keltis Stones, I'll have to revisit this. :-)

I neglected to mention that this Keltis game is also listed as the Keltis Mitbringspiel, the latter word being German for "travel edition." (I suppose a more literal translation would be "take-along game.") I happen to be using Mitbringspiel as a search term as my friends & I are placing an order from



Blogger Drew said...

A good two player push-your-luck game for 2 players is Monopoly Express. It's quick, fun, and inexpensive.

7:35 AM  
Blogger justus said...

@ drew and mark -- thanks for your responses and I'll definitely be checking out Can't Stop, Circus Flohcati and Monopoly Express.

I did try Medici vs Strozzi with my girlfriend (my main partner in crime) who would agree with you that it was not too much fun. I would like to try again, but the whole price setting thing was particularly painful for her even though she won in the end because I had purchased myself into oblivion!

And as a postcript to ep100, an extra thanks for the heads up on Tobago - we just played a game of it on a borrowed set at OwlCon yesterday. It was a lot of fun even though in spite of jumping into it completely cold (aside from a preliminary reading of the rules a few weeks ago).

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


a very good 2 player auction game is Goa. Not sure what the current print status is, but i've played a few times with my wife and it's gone over well. Granted my wife does like more strategic games and the auction element isn't the sole focus of the game, but it is significant in determining the outcome.


(from webster NY - btw: not anywhere near chino)

4:36 PM  

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