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Boardgames To-Go is my occasional weblog and commentary on the hobby of strategic boardgaming, card games, and a few other thoughts. It can be viewed with a normal web browser on any computer, and it has an RSS feed for folks who prefer such things. It's also available to gamers with a PDA who can automatically download Boardgames To-Go with every Hotsync as an AvantGo channel!

If you already know and use AvantGo, then the link below is all you need to add Boardgames To-Go to your account. On the other hand, if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a quick explanation. AvantGo is both a online service and an application for PDAs such as Palm and Windows CE devices. Free for users, it allows you to download web content to your PDA for later viewing. Through customization you can download just about any web page of your choosing. However, easiest of all is to select one of the many "channels" optimized for viewing via AvantGo on smaller PDA screens. Boardgames To-Go is one of these channels, perhaps the first devoted to boardgaming.

Click here to get Boardgames To-Go for your PDA

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Please email any feedback to me. I appreciate all of it!

-Mark Johnson