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Back before games were the hobby that happily consumed my leisure time, it was model rocketry. A couple years ago my old rocket buddy and friend-for-life Jeff (who also plays games!) got back into rocketry a bit, and I wasn't far behind. I checked the net, and found out that not only were there a lot of hobbyists like myself, they even had a name: Born Again Rocketeer (or Rokkiteers). No, these aren't folks who preach the word of God with a Bible in one hand and rocket launcher in the other. BARs are people like me who used to fly model rockets, got out of the hobby for a number of years, and have rediscovered it (often with kids of their own now).

I don't really have any rocketry content on this page, though. Just some images of rockets we own (or did--rockets sometimes have short, eventful lives!), and some experiments with T-shirt logos.

Launching a pillbug in an X-Ray. This is a flashback to a successful Science Fair project my buddy Jeff and I did in elementary school.
The astrobiologists examine their brave test subject.
An image that warms the heart of any BAR. :) Kids running down a favorite rocket.
That favorite is Omloid, the egg-carrying payload rocket.
Another kid-pleaser rocket: AstroSat LSX, which releases two plastic "satellites" on recovery streamers besides its own return on a chute.
Oh, Mosquito, we hardly knew ya! It slipped the surly bonds just like all Mosquitos do, though not before a few successful recoveries.
Jeff says that we had a name for our rocket "club" of the two of us, plus sometimes a few more. I don't remember that.
Better than the name of the club, though, is our new slogan! :)