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Sorry this isn't much of a web page yet, but that comes later. Right now I wanted to simply make sure the web didn't go without any presence for my local boardgame group, the Santa Clarita Boardgamers.

So who/what is SCB?

We're a small group of boardgame enthusiasts in that meet regularly in Santa Clarita, California, to socialize and play some of the best "family strategy" games around. I'm not talking about Monopoly and Risk here, I'm talking about Carcassonne, Entdecker, Wallenstein, Can't Stop, and lots more. Don't know those? That's probably because it's hard for new, innovative boardgames to find an audience in America when they have to compete for shelfspace with the old standards on sale at Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us. It just so happens that most of the best family strategy games available these days are coming from Europe. Specialty hobby shops or game stores are becoming rarer, so to find them you often have to go to online webshops or browse the pages of Games magazine.

That's a lot of the "what". The "who" were are is a group of three couples and three more guys, all aged 35 give or take ten years. :-) We get together on Tuesday nights, meeting at each other's homes. About half of our total group shows up on any given night, and we play a few games from 7-midnight.

If you'd like to check things out, feel free to drop me an email. You can let me know you're coming, it helps me pick the best games to bring that night, and I can share more details about the group.

For more information, check out the photos below, and our group's session reports posted to the BoardgameGeek website

SCB Photo Gallery

Greg, Erin, Chris, and Jen are playing Cairo, a curious game requiring skills in both strategy and dexterity!

Mike, Ryan, and Greg are pushing their luck in the dice game Can't Stop

Greg (another one) makes his move in the award-winning cycle racing game Um Reifenbreite.