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Southern California's Games Day is a full day of convention-style open gaming for free. We play all sorts of strategy games: mostly German games, but also some abstract boardgames, wargames, and card games.

Games Days are scheduled every 2-3 months.

At the last Games Day we played $25,000 Pyramid, 6 Nimmt! x3, Adel Verpfichtet, Africa, Alles im Eimer, Aquire, Atlantic Star, Basari, Cairo x3, Capitol x2, Carcassonne, Ciao! Ciao!, Citadels x3, Crokinole (lots), Das Amulett, Die Magier von Pangea, Don, Entdecker, Filthy Rich, Flickwerk, Giganten, Hamsterrolle x3, Hick Hack in Gackelwhack x2, Industrial Waste x2, Jedi Unleashed x2, Klondike x2, Krieg & Frieden, La Citta, Lost Cities x2, Medici x3, Metro x2, Munchkin, Piratenbucht, Pompeji, Pueblo x2, Queen's Gambit, Puerto Rico x6, Ra, Saloon, San Marco x2, Settlers of Catan (basic + Troy), Starfarers of Catan, Subbuteo,Table Hockey (several), Tikal, Union Pacific, Vinci, Volldampf, Warmaster, Wyatt Earp x3, and Zombies!!!

Games Day 8

Please RSVP via email whether you're sure you'll be there, or even just hope you'll make it. Thanks.

Driving Directions

The Cal Fed Savings & Loan building is located at 2350 Honolulu Avenue, in the city of Montrose, pretty close to the junction of the Glendale Highway (2) and Foothill Freeway (210).

Parking is available just behind and alongside the bank, as well as on the main and side streets. Please take note of posted time limits, and be ready to move your car if necessary! Note that the Montrose Art Walk will be taking place this weekend, so parking may take a little work, or be a little walk. If you've got a lot of games to carry, you should be able to unload them near the entrance to our meeting room, then park your car.

Please enter through the rear door of the bank to go down to the basement meeting room.

Click either map for an interactive version.

Here's the front of the bank.

And here's the back. Games Day is held in the basement Community Room, which you enter via a stairwell and doorway back here.

Spread the word!

Announcements for Games Day are placed online where boardgamers are often found (, Consimworld, spielfrieks). Want to help out? Tell your boardgaming friends about Games Day, because word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to bring in more local gamers.

More Info

The best place for info about this and upcoming Games Day events is the SoCal-Boardgamers mailing list.That's where we'll discuss past and future Games Days, find opponents, schedule multiplayer games, and so on.

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