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The first photo is of the storefront where we meet to play games, KK's Komics, Kards, and Kollectibles. See the map page for more info and directions.

Here's a session underway. We're in the back room at KK's, a little cramped and on the path to the bathroom, but secluded from the Magic tournaments that run out in the rest of the store (to the right of this picture). Twilight Imperium is being played in the foreground by a circle of players. Mark (that's me!) is the bearded guy on the right, then going around the circle clockwise we have Dave, Arlette and Hans (our first married couple), Paul, and Doug. The two players beyond are playing Across Five Aprils, with Charles on the left, Hank on the right.

A different angle and closer shot of the Twilight Imperium game. This time you can see Dave's face (far right), and Mike (right-center) has temporarily taken my seat to get in the shot.

Yet one more shot of the same game, which at least shows you more of the board and the stacks of counters we all have in front of us.

Here's the Twilight Imperium map near the end of our shortened game. That's Arlette's finger on the central planet, worth some resource points and a lot of influence points. Where are my pale green units, anyway? Must be hiding off the map, yeah, that's right... :-)

Two later arrivals that evening, James (left) and Colin (right), playing Battletech.

Uh-oh, Charles (left) is getting a little too involved in this game of Across Five Aprils. Watch out, Hank! (right)

Here's the A5A game in progress. It's the Bentonville scenario, with Hank's Confederates on the lower and left sides of the picture, with Charles' Union forces standing between them and the red-starred victory objectives on the right.

With A5A finished, Charles (left) has settled down with The Settlers of Catan. Angela (far right) has joined in, and chosen to sit next to her husband Hank. Hmm... (Also note Colin's head in the extreme foreground! :-)